Experts: Asbestos roofing, a public health risk

Experts: Asbestos roofing, a public health risk

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An asbestos roof and its threat to public health.

Health experts have warned that exposure to broken asbestos could cause cancer of the lungs, ovary, and other organs, as well as breathing complications.

According to experts, materials containing asbestos are hazardous to humans and pose a public health risk.

Medical reports have also indicated that a person who is exposed to broken asbestos faces a higher risk of developing cancerous ailments.

AsbestosDirector of health services in-charge of non-communicable diseases  in Kilifi County  Dr. Bilali Mazoya confirmed that plans are underway to abolish asbestos roofing sheets mainly found in various government facilities in the county.

“That has emerged as one of our challenges. We all understand that asbestos is very harmful and that is why we are engaging other departments like the one in charge of our market where we have the roof done on asbestos.” Dr. Mazoya told Baraka FM.

The revelation comes as the world marks the month of cancer awareness to sensitize the public on causes and treatment of various kinds of cancer.

The main challenge currently is how and where to dispose the asbestos in the county.

Cervical  Cancer.

Meanwhile, cervical cancer still tops in Kilifi County despite the county government’s concerted efforts in addressing the situation.

A cancer study report conducted in 2014 revealed that 98 cases of cervical cancer reported resulted to 19 deaths.

According to the report, a total of 277 cancer cases were reported in 2014, with 61 deaths recorded in the same year.

Releasing the statistics on Friday, Dr. Mazoya said the county has done the best it can to ensure the community is sensitized on signs of cancer and early treatment.

“We have made sure communities in the county are well sensitized on the importance of going for cancer screening in our centers. We hope it will eliminate cases of cancer ailments only detected after they have become chronic.” said Mazoya.

The report was based on the cancer screening status at the county s three major hospitals which include Malindi, Mariakani and Kilifi hospitals.

“At the Kilifi county hospital, there were a total of 151 cases with 18 deaths reported in the same year,” noted Mazoya.

“Cervical cancer topped the number of cancer cases in the same hospital with 31 cases which resulted into 6 deaths.”

“At the Malindi hospital, a total of 88 cases were reported with 34 deaths reported. Cervical cancer again topped the other cancers cases with 48 cases that resulted in 11 deaths, at the Mariakani hospital a total of 38 cases were reported with 9 death cases recorded over the same.” Mazoya added.

Dr. Mazoya said cancer is most pone at the reproductive age.

“Our statistics show that mostly vulnerable are the teenagers from 18 years up to 40 years. This is where we call it as a reproductive age and it is where the main cases of cervical and prostate cancer is reported.”