Taskforce formed to deal with machete related attacks in Lamu

Taskforce formed to deal with machete related attacks in Lamu

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Lamu Governor Issa Timamy says his county government has been shocked with the ever growing number of machete related attacks with several deaths being reported in the county.

Timamy confirmed having met with the county security committee and that they were in the processing of drafting an action plan on how the matter would be effectively addressed through the task force.

The attacks suspected to be aimed at a particular community have been reported in parts of Lamu East including Kizingitini, Faza, Siyu, Tchundwa, Pate and Mbwajumwali areas with locals left reeling in fear and tension.

Governor Issa Timamy and Women Rep, Shakilla Abdalla.
Governor Issa Timamy and Women Rep, Shakilla Abdalla.

The affected areas are said to be notorious drug dens with those engaging in the crimes doing them while under the influence of drugs.

Addressing a leaders meeting at a hotel in Lamu over the weekend, Timamy said the new task force would also involve Local leaders who would be visiting all notorious areas to try establish the cause of the attacks.

“These killings that are happening every now and then in Lamu East are horrible. We want to form a taskforce that will find out why and who is behind all this. We are also working with the county security committee on the same. All Lamu leaders shall be on board. We must collectively find a solution to this. We intend to visit every single area listed and establish what they root cause is,” said Timamy.

Lamu women representative Shakilla Abdalla also blamed the Lamu youth for engaging in drugs which she said was the main cause of conflicts and related injuries and deaths.

“I squarely lay the blame on the youth for not refraining from drug use. This drugs are the ones driving people insane and causing them to behave irrationally. That’s something that must stop,” said Shakilla.

The leaders pledged to work together in eradicating drug use in Lamu in order to ensure peace in the county.

They also urged locals to forward names of drug barons and peddlers in the county in order to have them prosecuted.