A family wants government to intervene over missing son

A family wants government to intervene over missing son

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A family in Mombasa is living in fear over security of their son whom they alleged was  kidnapped by people suspected to be state security agents on Sunday.

The family from Mwembe Tayari area of Mombasa claimed on Tuesday that Munir Ali ,22 was kidnapped in a hotel while taking lunch and bungled into a waiting Pajero car which speed ed off with him to unknown destination.

Said Brek Said , the father of the victim claimed a white Pajero car, registration number KCD was spotted outside the local hotel where his son was taking lunch before two armed men in civilian came out of the car went into the hotel, picked and bundled him into the awaiting car.

“Two armed men alighted from the car,one of them went inside to confirm my son was inside, suddenly they grabbed  and threw him into the car, my son’s efforts to resist was in vain.” added Mr. Brek.

He said his family has reported the matter to all police stations in Mombasa concerning their “lost” son but without a success.

The victims mother sorrowfully appealed to the government to come out clearly and explain their son’s where about saying that er son has never engaged in criminal activities.

”We are calling upon the government to come out and tell us where our son is, we are not eating, we can’t carry our daily activities, we are not sleeping,” said tearful mother

However Regional police Commandant Francis Wanjohi refuted claims that the police are behind the alleged kidnapping but confirmed that his officers have been searching for a suspect by the same name of the victim whom they linked to cases of crimes in Mombasa

“He might have been kidnapped by criminal gang but it is not necessarily the police”’ said Mr. Wanjohi.

The incident is the latest concerning cases of alleged kidnapping reported by families in Mombasa.