Mpeketoni leads with TB infection cases in Lamu

Mpeketoni leads with TB infection cases in Lamu

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Lamu County Tuberculosis and Leprosy Coordinator Abdulkadir Zubeir  said  Mpeketoni division has been leading  with the highest number of established TB cases in the entire county.

Quoting from survey results conducted between June 2014 and July 2015, Zubeir said a total of 224 new cases of TB were established in Mpeketoni alone.

He said Amu division was the second highest in the number of TB cases followed by Witu division in third place.

“We conducted surveys between June last year and July this year in various divisons in Lamu.We established that 50% of all recorded TB cases were from Mpeketoni, meaning its leading in this disease and is followed by Lamu.We are calling on people to get tested and get treated where necessary in order to cut down the rate of infections,” added Zubeir.

Meanwhile, the medical officer revealed that many cases of Tuberculosis (TB) in Lamu  were still undetected due to lack of access to health facilities and by poor  infrastructure in the county.

Zubeir said very few medical centers in Lamu are able to  test for and treat TB,  with most affected  area beng  Lamu East sub county where many locals do not  know their TB status.

According to  him,  the only available medical centre is located far aware from most villages making it hardly accessible to sick residents.

He said the entire Lamu East had only a single centre located in Kizingitini where patients get tested and treated for TB.

“Many TB patients in Lamu East don’t even know that they have the disease. Reason being the lack of testing centers  in the region. In Lamu East, only the Kizingitini dispensary provides such services. Patients coming from areas far away find it hard to access such a facility. There is need for many such centers in order for TB to be eliminated from Lamu,” said Zubeir.

The high infectious nature of TB was making the rate of infections in the prevalent areas high and that there was need for mediations to control the situation according to the medical officer.

He called on the county government to establish more TB centers in order to ease treatment and management of the disease.

Zubeir also  appealed to well-wishers to help in fighting to eliminate TB from Lamu County.