You failed teachers, Mudavadi tells MPs

You failed teachers, Mudavadi tells MPs

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Musalia Mudavadi , ANC party Leader

The Amani National Congress ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi said Kenyans have no faith in the current Parliament as he accused members of Parliament of playing politics with lives of poor Kenyans.

Referring to just suspended teachers strike, Mudavadi said Members of Parliament had a better chance to put pressure on government to allocate enough money in the budget for teachers’ salary increments.

Speaking in Voi-Taita Taveta County and Mombasa over the weekend, Mudavadi said the legislators would have pushed for a supplementary budget to accommodate teachers demand for pay hike.

“Parliament has a big duty to regain its reputation since currently wananchi have no faith in them. Mps had chance to stand for teachers but failed, and instead blame government for hesitating to take action towards teachers welfare,” Mudavadi said.

He also challenged Members of Parliament to be fair on motions being brought before the House without considering their political differences.

Meanwhile, the former Presidential Candidate supported the proposed motion asking for allocation of funds to cater for the welfare of former councilors.

Mudavadi also urged political leaders to end the debate on who fixed who in the Hague based  ICC  accusing them of dividing Kenyans on non beneficial debates.