A woman shocks her customers in Mombasa after police failed to collect...

A woman shocks her customers in Mombasa after police failed to collect dead body

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A Mombasa business woman shocked her customers Monday morning after she adamantly decided to serve them with breakfast while a body of a man suspected to have dead in her cafe lays barely open on top of a table.

The middle aged man was found dead under unclear circumstances inside the small structured cafe situated along Makaburini road, Mwembe tayari  in Mombasa.

The woman identified as Mama Njeri told Baraka FM she found the man laying in her cafe as she was preparing for the days’ business.

kiosk“I arrived here at 6 am  I was preparing for the days duties, but I was  shocked to see the death body, at first I thought the man was relaxing,” said  Mama Njeri.

Ironically  the woman continued with her business as usual surprising customers who were being served with breakfast.

“I cannot close my business, I have set for the days duties its now the work of the police to come and carry the body,” said Mama Njeri.

Alex Mwiti who works in the kiosk said the man has been selling Mitumba  in the area, but they were not aware of his home.

“We know him as Mr. Maina Keroro, he is a famous man here, but we don’t know if he died of alcohol  or is it a natural death, Saturday I was with him here and he had no signs of being ill nor weak, “said Alex.

Police were yet to collect the body by the time the press left venue.