Counties plan to spend millions in El-nino mitigation

Counties plan to spend millions in El-nino mitigation

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Lamu County Government announced on Thursday that it will be spending Ksh. 30 Million to mitigate effects of the impending El nino rains in the county.

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy said the county government had put all necessary measures in place to effectively address any effects of the rains.

Timamy said a special Disaster Committee whose mandate will be to move around the county and offer assistance when the El nino rains begin was already in place.

On Food security, Governor Timamy said the county government had also established a special food store at the Mokowe mainland to address issues of food shortage..

Over 700,000 bags of food have already arrived at the food store with many more expected in the next few days.

“As a county we are ready for the El nino.We have put several measures in place. We are hoping for the best but with such rains, it’s always better to prepare for the worst. However, it’s a known fact that Lamu is among the low regions in Kenya and so we are appealing to the national government to stretch a hand and help us during this period,” said Timamy.

In Mombasa, the county government has released emergency phone numbers to be used by public in case of an emergency.

A multi-agency task force has also been formed by the county government under the chairmanship of  Governor Ali Hassan Joho to prepare the county for El-Nino.

Muroto Slums
Part of Muroto slums at Tudor Mombasa PHOTO /by Daniel Nyambuoro/

The task force had earlier warned residents in landslide-prone areas of Kalahari Slums and Jomvi kuu in Changamwe, Mwakirunge and Mshomoroni in Kisauni to vacate to safer grounds.

So far the residents have defied the warning and have vowed to stay put despite the eminent dangers of the El-nino rains.

“We have been living here our entire lives and we have children who are used to this place, if we vacate from here then where will we go? If we still have some people in IDP camps in our country  upto now, 7 years down the line despite the government promise to resettle them, then how long shall it take to resettle us? We are going nowhere; we rather die here with our children” Millicent Awuor, a resident of Moroto Slums in Tudor said.

The floods raked havoc on Tuesday night at the Mombasa’s Moroto slums destroying property worth unknown value and leaving many residents homeless.

The flood followed a heavy rainfall that reportedly pounded several parts of Mombasa and Coast regions in general the whole of Tuesday night.

Emily Wanjiru a resident said she was woken up from her sleep at around 3.00AM to find her house flooded with rainy water everywhere.

She had to vacate her house together with her three little children to a safer place.

The story added by Daniel Nyambuoro  and Halahala Mapato Wacho , Baraka FM reporters.