Lamu squatters tell Nkaissery to live true to his promise

Lamu squatters tell Nkaissery to live true to his promise

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Joseph Nkaissery, CS Interior.

Squatters in Lamu have urged Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery to release a report of investigation into torture allegedly inflicted on them by a number of Kenya Forest Service (KFS) officers in the county.

Nkaiserry had earlier directed Senior KFS officers in the county to investigate and submit a written report on incidents where the KFS officers in the county were alleged to have been torturing and forcefully evicting squatters from lands in the region.

Speaking at the Baharini area in Mpeketoni ,the more than 500 squatters alleged the KFS were still giving them sleepless nights, torturing and molesting them at will.

“We thought that after the Nkaiserry ordered the probe our lives would a bit peaceful but I must say things have grown worse. We try to venture into our farms and these officers emerge from nowhere and beat us. Nkaissery said the deadline was September 15 which has long passed, can’t he do something to help or shall we forever live at the mercy of this wicked and money-minded officers?”said Simon Chege,a squatter from Lake Amu.

The squatters claimed they have now halted all activities on their farms as they await Nkaissery’s verdict which they said was taking too long to be administered.

Early this month, Nkaisery gave the KFS senior officers unto September 15 to investigate and ascertain whether or not the reports are true.

There have been numerous allegations of KFS officers in Lamu torturing, harassing and forcefully evicting squatters in the county.

The worst case scenario has been reported in Lake Amu, Baharini and Kiongwe town in Mpeketoni, where the officers are alleged to be arresting male squatters and allegedly have their private parts burnt.

Nkaiseery had promised to have all officers found guilty of the accusations sacked and charged in a court of law for violating their job mandate.

Lamu deputy governor Eric Mugo however have supported the squatters asking  the CS to come to the help of the landless citizens who have now been left at the mercy of  KFS officers in Lamu.

“This is something that has been going on for quite some time. As leaders we have tried to talk about it but nothing happens and the ill treatment continues. We hope the CS will be kind enough to help these people” said Mugo.