Lamu prepares for El-nino rains despite poor infrastructure.

Lamu prepares for El-nino rains despite poor infrastructure.

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Lamu county commissioner Fredrick Ndambuki has asked residents to exercise caution a head of the forthcoming El nino rains  in order to minimize cases of destruction and causalities.

Ndambuki urged locals occupying areas renown for flooding to make alternative accommodation plans and vacate such places until after the El-nino threat has been done away with.

Speaking at the Mkunguni Square on Thursday,Ndambuki called on fishermen to be vigilant and careful whenever they venture out on their fishing expeditions during the period of the El nino rains.

He also called for cooperation and information sharing among locals in order to ensure every person is well aware of what type of rain the El nino is and what to do when they start.

The meteorological department has cautioned on the possibility of the rains as from next month and urged residents who live in lower regions to move to upper areas considered safer with the El nino rains.

“We are expecting El nino rains and am calling for caution, vigilance and care. My office is very ready to deal with that since we have all strategies in place. Share whatever information you have but most importantly, those occupying areas that are considered risky during such rains should make alternative accommodation arrangements till the El nino threat is over,”said Ndambuki.

Ndambuki said his office has made arrangements for officers to go round their entire county and enlighten the communities on the facts about the rains and how they should tackle the effects that come with such rains.

The last El nino rains in the country were experienced in 1997.