Ship seized in Mombasa over drugs and firearms smuggling leaves the Port

Ship seized in Mombasa over drugs and firearms smuggling leaves the Port

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MV HOEGH being detained at Port of Mombasa over drugs.

The  container ship MV Hoegh however left the port of Mombasa Wednesday evening heading to unknown destination.

The ship left as reports went out that her crew members had been arrested and detained.

A team of security officers from GSU and Recce squad seized the ship a week ago over allegations of carrying illegal drugs and firearms destined to Congo and South Sudan.

Earlier on Tuesday, a source within police who sought anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, told Baraka FM that 6 automatic rifles  were recovered from the ship.

He further said more than 100 armory vehicles were  to be offloaded from the ship for inspections.

“Sophisticated guns have been found, more than 100 armored vehicles are yet to be inspected. But the alleged drugs will be confirmed by the authorities, “said the source.

Our sources said also the armored lorries were destined to Congo and South Sudan for peace keeping before it was seized.

Regional police commandant Francis Wanjohi told Baraka FM the  search may take a longer period of time than expected, as inspection were to be done thoroughly.

“I cannot tell exact time when the exercise will be complete but as soon as it is complete, we will inform, “said Wanjohi.

The container ship Mv Hoegh has been under police surveillance 24 hours since last week.