Chameleon: Iam not “illuminati”

Chameleon: Iam not “illuminati”

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Jose Chameleone, East Africa's popular artist

Illuminati, the phrase that has almost been in everyone’s mouth in the recent future, more so those gutted with the entertainment industry has once again raised concerns over one of the east African top celebrities.

Successful artists have been linked to the cult and Uganda artist Wale Wale and Tubonge hit maker Jose Chameleon has not been spared either.

To show his concern Jose Chameleon Tuesday morning took to his Instagram page and spoke his mind scoffing those who think his wealth is built on unscrupulous organization. He said through his Instagram;

Jose Chameleone, Ugandan popular artists.
Jose Chameleone, Ugandan popular artist.

“Good morning my people!!!!! I am thankful to GOD for a new day because I am alive again. As we drive home early from North Uganda this morning,Me and my Friends talked, Enjoyed and suddenly entered the 5 year Nonsense .”ILLUMINATI” Debate that has seen Ignorant society accuse one another for the practice. Me inclusive.I have been built from Ambition and Dream to Be!!!! All these allegations came after I got miles away from the Joseph I was,As a growing young desperate boy. I tell you my friends and whosoever wishes the best for themselves NOT to believe in Such Fabricated rubbish.” said JChameleone.

He went on to reveal the source of his millions and why many people envy him.

“When Barber Shops was the Business- Everybody run to that, When FM Radios came in-Every Well of went into that, When Mobile money and Mpesa is the cheapest business everybody runs to that. Question????? If Illuminati is where you go to Live successfully, What are they waiting for?  AFRICA lets wake up and live upon our sweat unlike the Mysteries the West is implanting against us to weaken us”. He added.

Jose Chameleon however, concluded by confidently terming all the allegations against him as rumors, “All these rumors cant make me doubt GOD. Thank you lord for who I am. Much love to my Family and Friends who know Me.”

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