Government extends amnesty for terror youths

Government extends amnesty for terror youths

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Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaisery announced the extension of the amnesty to youths who had joined terror group al-shabaab in Somalia on Saturday after meeting top security officers in Mombasa..

Addressing journalists on Saturday, Nkaisery said the amnesty is still on and has seen a number of returnees coming back from the terror group.

Though he did not give the exact number of those who have surrendered, Nkaiserry said they have received a good number of youths and the number is rising.

The CS said his security team  are giving the youths a worm welcome and taken for rehabilitation of which they will be later be reunited with their families.

“We should be welcoming ,the issue of harassment I have given instructions that the youths who are planning to surrender they  should be given worm reception, brief them and allow them to go  through rehabilitation before they join their families” said interior CS.

On the issue of mystery disappearance of some youths in the coastal city of Mombasa , Nkaisery defended the security agencies saying those who have disappeared may have gone to join the terror group  in Somalia or may be in unknown destination.

Nkaisery said the government have hightened efforts for the whereabouts of those youths claimed to have  disappeared anonymously.

He said he have directed police to investigate the claims and he promise the truth will be announce to Kenyans.

“We don’t know whether those claimed to have disappeared  cross the border or are some where, we are still  looking for their where-abouts” said Nkaiserry.

Early August a number of parents  and relatives in Mombasa decried over the missing youths, claiming security agencies were responsible  over the disappearance.

The family claimed they reported them to police stations in Mombasa but never found them.

A week ago Mombasa county commissioner Nelson Marwa raises an alarm over the disappearance of over 200  youths who were arrested in Masjid Musa mosque and Sakina and later bailed out at Shimo la Tewa after police raided the mosque to flash out radicalize groups.

Marwa said a number of them have gone missing in schools and there homes and could not be traced.

Intelligence reports says a number of those  gone missing may have cross the border to Somalia to join al-shabaab group.