Several injured in Likoni ferry stampede.

Several injured in Likoni ferry stampede.

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Part of the wall that collapsed and injured three pedestrians at Likoni

At least three pedestrians are nursing serious injuries they sustained after a perimeter wall collapsed on them during a stampede at the Likoni ferry crossing on Friday night.

The incident occurred after ferry users tried to force their way onto a waiting ferry, following a pile up that had been occasioned by the malfunction of a ferry.

Part of the crowded Likoni ferry's waiting bay.
Part of the crowded Likoni ferry’s waiting bay.

Victims were admitted at the Coast General hospital where they are recuperating from injuries on their hands and legs.

Likoni OCPD Willy Simba confirmed that a large crowd of people were forcing their way into the ferry after a long wait.

“We heard there were only two ferries operating yesterday during peak hours, pedestrians were inpatient and they forced their way causing the collapse of the wall”

Over-crowding of pedestrians has been a common problem and occurrence at the ferries waiting  bays particularly during peak hours.