Tension high in Lamu as Al-shabaab surface again.

Tension high in Lamu as Al-shabaab surface again.

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Tension remained high in Basuba village, Lamu East on Sunday after approximately 100 Al shabaab militants raided the village.

The militants including four whites males and two females reportedly entered the village at around 5am, assembled the villagers at the Basuba center and lectured them for over 2 hours.

The militants who had their faces covered while wearing jungle green camouflage uniforms were heavily armed , according to sources.

They warned the villagers not to board any military or police vehicles plying the region since they (Al shabaab ) were targeting them and that whoever does so would be doing it at their own peril since they will die with the officers.

“One group was speaking to us while another kept vigil around the village. Among those speaking to us were two white men and two white women”

The villagers were also warned against tipping off the police or give out any information to the military failure to which they (villagers) would be burnt alive.

“They said if we board military vehicles we would be killed together withe the officers since they planned to kill and finish all of them in this region. There is no vehicle plying this region so whenever we want to go to Lamu or anywhere outside Basuba, the military vehicles are available to give us lifts. Now we don’t know what to do. They said they will continue to plant landmines and it’s up to us if we chose to die with the soldiers” said the elder.

The elder said the militants warned that anybody who tries to give out information concerning them even in secrecy shall be found out, hunted down and killed alongside his family.

The militants assured the villagers that they had no intentions of harming them but promised to be seeing them more often.

The Alshabaab threat remains visible in Lamu with the military trying to contain them after seemingly having taken over some areas closer to the Lamu-Somalia border especially around the Boni forest, believed to be their main hideout.