Kenya Navy to assist in search for missing fisherman.

Kenya Navy to assist in search for missing fisherman.

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Divers from Kenya Navy have been called in to join hands in search for a fisherman who went missing two days ago after a boat they he was using with his two fellow fishermen capsized  in Kilifi due to strong winds.

The fisherman’s fate is still unknown after his colleagues from 6 Beach Management Units- BMU launched a search that has so far been fruitless.

Some fishermen believe that Ali Sime,55 may have stuck between the rocks or washed away by the heavy winds as his colleagues battled to swim to the shores.

Speaking to Baraka FM, Kilifi OCPD Joshua Ole Leina said that they had called on the Navy from Mombasa to assist in the search and retrieval of his body

“We in conjuction with fishermen and coast sea survival members have not left since Tuesday yet our search has yielded nothing. We have asked Kenya Navy to join hands. May be by their expertise we are going to find him.” said mr. Joshua

On Wednesday Kilifi county commander Douglas Kanja confirmed the fisherman’s disappearance saying that the trio went about their fishing as usual only to be hit by strong winds on their way back leading to the tragedy.

Fear and grief were written all over Omar Hassan’s face who narrated how he cheated death.

“It was just as normal day. We sailed up to our fishing area and anchored as we always do. We managed to get a good catch but as we were preparing to leave, everything changed. The wind was strong. We managed to swim but our colleague didn’t may be due to his age. I am mourning. It’s so painful to lose a skillful person.” said Mr. Omar

The tragedy comes a day after seven pupils from Murang’a drowned to death in Diani Kwale County, as they were swimming.