More arrested over Tana River tribal conflicts as leaders seek a lasting...

More arrested over Tana River tribal conflicts as leaders seek a lasting peace.

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Security officers patroling.

Police are also investigating the killings and attacks against minority communities in the larger Tana River county.

The attacks and killings are believed to be instigated by long term ethnic rivalry between farmers and pastoralists communities over grazing and watering zones.

The Killings have caused tensions with many residents claiming to be living in fear of revenge attacks from rival communities.

Galole OCPD Sylvester Githungo confirmed that four suspects were being investigated in the killing of a herder at Rebae village in Galole last Saturday and will be charged with murder.

The four are alleged to have killed the herder using crude weapons which were recovered at the scene of the incident.

The OCPD told Baraka FM that the incident occurred when herdsmen from a Pastoralists community went to water their camels in a well at the Rebae village before they were confronted by the four from a rival community, killing one of them.

“The four suspected killers also sustained injuries during the skirmishes, one of them is in critical condition at Hola Hospital where he was taken for treatment, the deceased body was taken for postmortem ” said Githungo, area OCPD..

The Rebae village incident comes few days after peace was restored at Katsangani village bordering between Kilifi and Tana River counties following border conflicts between farmers and pastoralists communities living in the area.

Two people from the farming community were killed during the conflicts which show villagers fleeing the affected areas for safety.

More than 600 families including children as young as 5 years and several elderly women camped at Kanagoni Primary School in Magarini , Kilifi county after having flee their homes in Tana Delta.

Kilifi County Police Commandant Douglas Kanja confirmed on Sunday that normalcy has return in most of the affected areas while the displaced villagers were going back to their respective homes.

Meanwhile Kilifi and Tana River governors have also agreed to form a special joint peace and reconciliation committee to look into long term solutions into prolonged ethnic conflicts among communities living along the border between the two counties.

Kilifi Governor Amason Jefwa Kingi and his counterpart from Tana River Hussein Dhadho agreed also to lead peace campaigns among communities in their respective counties.

The two leaders called on residents to forget their tribal and political differences asking them to live together as Kenyans.