Mombasa tycoons to assists Kenyans evacuated from Yemen.

Mombasa tycoons to assists Kenyans evacuated from Yemen.

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A group of Mombasa Tycoons have come out philanthropically in support of more than 100 Kenyans who arrived in the country two weeks ago after fleeing civil conflicts in Yemen.

The tycoons whose names are yet to be disclosed donated ksh.3 million which will be shared out among the affected families in order to help them start their life afresh.

The victims including women and children were flown back to Kenya two weeks ago after being held up for days in the Kenyan embassy in Yemen.

The civil war in Yemen has caused major humanitarian crisis across the Middle East for several months ago, leaving many foreign nationals including the Kenyans stuck in the country.

Mohammed Farouk Salim one of the victims who has worked in an oil company in Yemen for more than 15 years admitted on Saturday that he lost everything he had invested but thanks God for coming out alive.

“I can’t explain the exact figure of my belongings but its worth millions of shillings, I have stayed there for years but now am back to zero”, said Farouk.

Abdallah Mohammed another victim who used to operate a taxi in Yemen for the last 14 years also said he would never set foot to Yemen again even though his job was well paying.

‘I have a number of friends whom we work together but we can’t communicate with them, I don’t know there situation now” said Mohammed.

Speaking in Mombasa after meeting with the families, Council of Imam and Preachers of Kenya CIPK national treasurer Hassan Omar thanked both the Kenya and Oman governments for the kind assistance.

“We would like to appreciate the government of Kenya through its ambassador in Oman for assisting these families who had been held up in Yemen. We really thank and we also urge the government to also assist the remaining families who are still locked up in Yemen”, said Omar.

He confirmed the families would be getting kshs 50,000 each.