Travel Advisories, a big blow to Lamu tourism industry.

Travel Advisories, a big blow to Lamu tourism industry.

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Lamu traders on Wednesday appealed for lifting of travel advisories imposed on the county early this year.

The traders through Lamu Tourism Association LTA expressed fears of losing more businesses in the lucrative tourism industry unless the travel advisories still active in the county are lifted urgently.

Ghalib Alwy, Lamu Tourism Association Deputy chairman says it was unfair that the advisories were only lifted from some sections of the coast region while they remained active in Lamu and Malindi

He said the situation has put Lamu in bad light with many tourists avoiding the region due to the insecurity mentality created.

The tourism industry has faced numerous challenges majorly due to insecurity and more especially since the Alshabaab terror attacks in June and July last year that left over 80 people dead.

In June this year, the Kenya Tourism Board announced that Watamu, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Shanzu, Bamburi, Mombasa, Nyali among many other region on the south coast were free of the advisories.

Ghalib said the region’s tourism record was still under the 50% margin as compared to the situation before the terror attacks when the industry was vibrant and productive.

“Lamu has been worse affected compared to these other towns at the coast. Tourists have kept off. No one wants to come here. We no longer generate revenue from tourism. The industry is slowly dying away. The mentality created about Lamu isn’t helping either. Our appeal is for the concerned countries to re-think issues. Lamu as an island has no problem,it’s the safest” said Ghalib.

He appealed to the national government to address insecurity in the region.