Loitering school children face arrests.

Loitering school children face arrests.

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Lamu governor Issa Timamy announced on Wednesday that school going children found loitering on streets of Lamu during school days shall be arrested and their parents charged.

Speaking during an education symposium in Hindi town, Timamy said the move is to ensure parents and children develop a positive mentality towards education in the region.

He said the move would also help parents and children to take education seriously.

There have been growing concerns over the increasing number of young children who are always seen idling around on the streets during school hours.

The number of school drop outs has also significantly increased a move that hasn’t done any justice to the weak education sector in Lamu.

Timamy said part of the reason why education was facing a crisis in Lamu was because of too much permissiveness on the part of parents who have failed to cultivate the spirit of hard work in school among their children.

“It’s a pity that while many other children out there are in class, here,many are loitering the streets. Parents are making it worse by turning their children into breadwinners. We shall arrest any child found loitering and charge the parent. We shall also arrest and charge anyone found employing children especially as fishermen or coxswains. Lets encourage these kids to attend school,”said Timamy.

Many school going children and especially boys in Lamu town stay away from school and engage in fishing, hawking and coxswains.

The county government is working on the final details of a law that will see every person who employs young children also sent to prison.

The governor also called on boat owners in Lamu, Manda and Mokowe to stop employing children on their vessels or face the law.

He said the county government was taking all measures to ensure the dwindling education sector is revived and the set objectives achieved.

Lamu has continued to record poor in national exam results each year.