Fake Cigarates Worth Sh 50 million Destroyed in Mombasa as Government Put...

Fake Cigarates Worth Sh 50 million Destroyed in Mombasa as Government Put Smugglers On Notice

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The government on Friday warned clearing agents against colluding with brokers to importing counterfeit goods in the country.

Industrialization enterprise and development principal secretary Wilson Songa said  Kenya was becoming a dumping site for fake goods from abroad and that government was working closely with various institutions to eradicate the menace.

Speaking at Clay-Works Company in Portrietz Changamwe where he witnessed the destruction of fake cigarettes worth 50 million, seized recently at KPA, Songa urged security organs and Kenya revenue authority to deal with illicit business.

“The suspect in the smuggling cartel disappeared and could not respond to court summons vie to both registered mails and newspaper and the court finally issued destruction order on the 19th of march 2014 that’s why we are so happy that this consignment is destroyed,” said Songa.

In 2014/2015 alone counterfeit agency destroyed goods worth over 200 million of shillings.

In November 2014 assorted goods worth shillings 201 milion was destroyed while in march  1.5 million shillings was destroyed.

On the other hand anti-counterfait chairman Polycarp Igathe said they were looking for space across the country to store fake goods which have been seized.

Igathe said more than 30 cases have been filed in various courts concerning counterfeit goods and its high time to go for big fish for both locally and international  instead small one in the shops.

“The agency will also pursue international relations to enable sharing information on the importation of counterfeit when the goods leave China and Dubai , before they land in Mombasa we would be waiting for them” said Igathe.