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Story By Michel J Otieno

Just a day to his much anticipated concert dubbed Live Sessions, Mombasa based Urban Swahili Poet & Artist Eugene Orangi Sibanda aka Fikrah Teule got himself on the wrong side of the law.

Fikrah was arrested on the grounds of promoting prostitution early this morning.

According to his Facebook Post at midnight, he was crossing the road and it was during a police sweep on prostitutes that the police decided to tag him along with the ones arrested.

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We spoke to him at 8am this morning and he told Burudani Na Udaku he was already released. “Am out no grudges at all, even though at some point a gun was pointed at me for trying to walk fast but nobody hit meAt some point the officer asked what do i do? Nikamshow mi msanii then akauliza so your music promotes ‘them’? Mi nikamshow I was on my way home na that’s not the way I roll coz kuna ‘vitu’ siezi buy… Mombasa usiku kila street warembo wamejipanga na watu wanapita wakiendelea shughuli zao, so they ask me ushawai lala ndani? I told them NO, wakaendelea, unaona ukilala ndani leo? Hiyo sikujibu na matusi yakaanza but i kept calm coz hiyo issue ya kupointiwa gun kwa chest aint funny though.”

Fikrah’s concert set for tomorrow at the Alliance Francaise de Mombasa features live band performances from Award Winning Band – Juukua. Gates open at 7pm.