Safaricom bows to pressure, allows subscribers to enjoy accumulated PostPay resources.

Safaricom bows to pressure, allows subscribers to enjoy accumulated PostPay resources.

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Mobile telephone service provider Safaricom has eventually allowed its PostPay customers to continue using their accumulated bundles, SMS and call minutes until they are finished, after customers caused an uproar over an earlier announcement that all accumulated resources would expire by the 26th of this month.

Safaricom had last year said it would terminate the PostPay service by this May, citing losses, but announced a change of mind this week but with new conditions.

Under the new arrangement, post pay customers will have to use all their allocated resources within 30 days, and those resources not utilised within the period will expire.

The older arrangement allowed customers to roll over resources to the next month, and the company had given them up to the 26th of May to use all their accumulated resources as they would expire by then.

The move caused angry reaction from all over the country, with customers taking to the social media to condemn Safaricom for the move.

“We paid for these resources. They are ours. Safaricom cannot take them away from us just like that,” a customer posted on his twitter feed.

“I have over 20,000 accumulated minutes. How do I use them all within three weeks? This is unfair,” said another on facebook.

The unprecedented reaction forced the company to rescind its notice.

“We are happy to inform our Karibu PostPay customers that all current subscribers on this tariff who have unused resources that they will be able to continue enjoying their accumulated minutes and data until they are fully exhausted,” Sylvia Mulinge, the company’s general manager for consumer business, said in a statement.

Mulinge however said all resources bought beginning this month would be subject to the new terms and conditions and that remaining data, SMS and minutes, would not be rolled over to the next month.