Government to build perimeter wall along Kenya-Somalia border in Lamu.

Government to build perimeter wall along Kenya-Somalia border in Lamu.

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The national government will build a perimeter wall along the Kenya-Somalia border in Lamu beginning this March, to guard against entry of terrorists and other illegal migrants into the country, it said on Tuesday.

The Northern border has been known to be porous, and used by Somalia Islamist militants, Al shabaab, who have launched deadly attacks and killed hundreds in Kenya, the most recent being the Mpeketoni killings.

Security officials have also described the border as an easy exit for recruited youth from Kenya, who cross over into Somalia for militant training, and back to attack innocent civilians.

Illegal migrants have also crossed over from Somalia into Lamu county through the border at Kiunga, Ras Kiamboni and Ishakani in Lamu East.

Lamu governor Issa Timamy said the national government had confirmed that a boundary wall would be built along the borderline beginning from Kiunga, through Ishakani and past the Kenyan military base in Ras Kiamboni, within Somalia.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta personally told me about the plan,” Said Timamy, who added the construction would start in March and end by close of the year.

“We as a county will be able to secure our borders and live in peace knowing that no one will cross over and threaten our lives anymore.”

The border is also seen an entry point for illegal weapons and drugs into the country.

The terrorist attacks in Lamu last year, where more than 90 people were killed and property worth millions of shillings destroyed in Mpeketoni, Kibaoni, Hindi and Witu, were attributed majorly to the porous Lamu-Somalia border, which was said to have given an easy entry and exit of the Al shabaab militia.

Several Kenyan soldiers have also been killed in ambushes by militia, said to have gone through the border.