One killed, three wounded in riots over killing in Mombasa.

One killed, three wounded in riots over killing in Mombasa.

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A college lecturer was stabbed and killed in Mombasa on Sunday by rioting youth who were protesting against the killing of a Muslim young man by gunmen on Saturday.

Hassan Guti was shot and killed by unknown people in the afternoon as he, his wife and niece were driving in Mombasa. He died in hospital.

Police denied involvement in the killing but sources within said he had been killed by the elite Anti Terrorism Police Unit.

The youth who had just buried the body of Guti went on rampage, attacking, stoning and robbing residents who they encountered on their way from the burial.

“We have been dealing with some youth in Majengo who were rioting because of a young man who was gunned down yesterday. The man was buried today, but after the burial the youth started attacking anybody they came across,” Robert Kitur, Mombasa county police commander, said.

“They stabbed four people and one of them died. We have arrested 20 youth so far and will charge them in court tomorrow. We managed to disperse them and the area is calm for now but tense,” said Kitur.

Police fired teargas at the youth and maintained a heavy presence within Majengo, as businesses remained closed for fear of looting.

A victim of the attack who lay at the Coast general hospital, said the youth robbed him of his wallet and mobile phone before they stabbed on the shoulder and belly.

Local human rights groups condemned the killing.

“It is becoming normal for people to be shot and killed in Mombasa, and nobody is ever arrested for this. Last week it was sheikh Salim Bakari, today it is Hassan, and the list is endless. What is wrong with our security agents?” Hussein Khalid, director of Haki Africa, a local rights group, said.

“The number is growing by the day, and now close to 30 of clerics who have been killed in this style. This is unacceptable.”

Police sources told Baraka FM that Guti, killed on Saturday, was linked to the shooting of senior police officer in Mombasa in August.

He also faced a murder case at the Mombasa law courts.