Lamu curfew costs local fishermen kshs.500 million in losses.

Lamu curfew costs local fishermen kshs.500 million in losses.

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Fishermen in Lamu have lost over ksh.500 million in produce in the last four months that the dusk-to-dawn police curfew has been in place, they said on Monday, and that they risked losing more if the embargo is not lifted immediately.

Fishing, Lamu county’s biggest economic driver, employs more than 4000 fishermen who said their trade had been affected by the curfew which made fishing in the evening and late night impossible.

Lamu Fisheries and Cooperative Development executive Atwa Salim said the fishing industry was the most affected, and was closely followed by the tourism and other business ventures.

Salim said the curfew had denied the fishermen an occasional opportunity to reap hugely especially in this season when the octopus and prawns are in plenty and can only be found during the night.

“We have up to now lost Sh.500 Million since the curfew started. I can imagine how far we would have gone with such money. We need a chance to revive this and many other sectors and that can’t happen with a curfew in place,” said Atwa.

Despite the vast negative effects of the curfew, police have maintained that it would go on until weapons they say were used during the June/July killings in the county, are recovered.

During the attacks, at least 60 people were killed, homes and businesses destroyed and hundreds forced to flee their homes.