Mombasa police arrest gang of eight over crime in Majengo.

Mombasa police arrest gang of eight over crime in Majengo.

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Police officers in Mombasa on Sunday arrested eight youth in Majengo, believed to be behind a spate of crime in the local neighbourhood, and recovered an assortment of exhibits among them weapons, military attire and illegal drugs.

The 5am operation was carried out following a tip off from members of the public, and prompted police to lay an ambush that saw the arrest of the eight plus the owner of the house where they were hiding in.

“We managed to intercept a group of eight boys who on seeing the police, ran towards a house and locked themselves inside. Police broke in and arrested them plus the house owner who was habouring them,” Geoffrey Mayek, Mombasa police chief, told Baraka FM.

He said they recovered a military jacket, military jersey, a pair of boots, a sword and five knives.

Police also seized a half kilogram of bang, two heroin sachets and three injection syringes, Mayek said.

Also recovered were 80 video disks whose content the police chief said would be reviewed to establish whether they have anything to do with terrorism.

“This is a gang that has been terrorising and mugging residents within Majengo. We call on anyone who has been a victim of any gang in the area to come and identify the suspects,” Mayek said.

The suspects were held at Makupa police station and will be arraigned in court on Monday.