Joho tells striking Mombasa medics to resume work or be sacked.

Joho tells striking Mombasa medics to resume work or be sacked.

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A tough talking Mombasa governor Hassan Ali Joho on Friday gave striking county nurses and doctors up to Monday to return to work of face the axe.

The nurses who have been striking over non payment of their July and August salaries, were eventually paid, but still refused to go back to work insisting they needed a return-to-work formula with the county government, to assure them that they would not be victimized, and that their pending allowances would be paid.

On Friday the medics were further infuriated after learning that the Coast general hospital administrator Dr.Bernard Mwero had been sent on compulsory leave following the strike.

“We have paid them their salaries for July and August but still they refuse to go back to work. This time we will play hard-ball with them,” an angry governor Joho, said in Mombasa.

“If they cannot work, then they can leave and go, so we find other people to run our health sector.”

But the defiant medics dared the governor to sack them, saying they were not desperate.

“We don’t care. He can sack us today if he wishes. We are not desperate people to be bull dozed,” a union official said.

Activities at most public hospitals in the county have ground to a halt following the strike, with key hospital sections closing down.

Medics across the country want the health care sector, now devolved, to be returned to the national government, arguing that county governments lack capacity to manage the sector.

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