Fashion and style characterise Eid celebrations as they enter day two.

Fashion and style characterise Eid celebrations as they enter day two.

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Exquisitely designed religious robes, flowing with both elegance and style, were among the key highlights of continuing celebrations by Muslims to mark the end of the month-long fasting period of Ramadhan, Baraka FM observed.

As Muslims scattered all over Mosques and makeshift prayer grounds for the celebrations, class and cost were the first noticeable aspects that stuck out, reinforcing the fact that many Muslims had invested heavily in the attire they would don during the celebrations.

“I imported this robe from Dubai last month specifically for Eid celebrations. I do that every year. It is a special occasion so I give it special attention as well,” sheikh Juma Ngao, a senior Muslim cleric in Mombasa, told Baraka FM, as he wore his unique-looking golden robe.

“I will not tell you how much it cost me, but you can also see that it is very expensive,” Ngao said laughing.

Just like Christians spend fortunes on dressing during Christmass celebrations, Ngao said even Muslims with little means save months ahead of Eid celebrations, so that they are able to maximally enjoy the festivities.

“When you see Muslims around town this time, you will think they are in some kind of competition on who has a better design, colour and style in the way they dress. I think it is a good thing because apart from religion, it boosts our culture and identity,” said Ngao.

At the Tononoka grounds in Mombasa, where hundreds of Muslim faithfuls gathered for Eid prayers on Monday, different shades and styles of robes bore testimony to how much money and time had been spent to choose, design and make the robes.

Among Muslim leaders whose style and sense of fashion stood out were Mvita member of parliament Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir and Mombasa senator Hassan Omar.

“Some of those robes, for both men and women can cost up to 100,000 shillings, or even more. We have those as cheap as a few hundreds as well. It just depends on your pocket,” Mohammed Issa, a trader who deals in Muslim religious attire at the Marikiti market in Mombasa, told Baraka FM