Post Election violence victims still seek justice, six years on – Amnesty...

Post Election violence victims still seek justice, six years on – Amnesty International.

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The government’s failure to properly investigate crimes committed during 2007/2008 post poll violence, and to provide justice and reparation for victims, is having devastating effects on their lives, Amnesty International (AI) said on Tuesday.

At a media briefing for the launch of their report dubbed ‘crying for justice’ in Nairobi, AI said there was evidence of ongoing suffering of the post election violence victims in areas that were worst affected in the country.

Salil Shetty, AI’s Secretary General said many of the people who were displaced were yet to be resettled  or compensated and many of those injured, or the families of those killed, were yet to receive reparation to help rebuild their livelihoods.

“Six years after the post election violence rocked Kenya, victims are still waiting for Justice. It is vital that their voices are heard and urgent action taken, Shetty said.

The report indicated that the victims were disillusioned because perpetrators of the heinous crimes were still at large, and it showed that they did not report to police for fear of reprisal from those who committed the offences.

Genna Houldey, AI’s researcher, said 49 of the victims who were interviewed supported intervention by the ICC in investigating and prosecuting crimes related to the violence.

Houldey said there was need for the director of  public prosecutions and the police to review the 4,000 crimes, proceed with the cases and start afresh investigations on some cases if there is need.

They reprimanded government for its efforts in urging the UN security council to defer ICC cases facing president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, and also for supporting the African Union in ‘interfering’ with the cases.

Houldey urged government to implement the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission report, so as to deal with past injustices that continue to haunt the country.