10 arrested as kshs.60,000 worth heroine is seized.

10 arrested as kshs.60,000 worth heroine is seized.

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Provincial administration officials on Wednesday arrested 10 people in Kibokoni area of Mombasa, and found them in possession of packets of heroine, which they said was valued at over 60,000 shillings.

Area chief Ahmed Abdulrazak, who led the operation  said the 10 were arrested in the mid morning with the packets which he suspected they planned to either consume or sell.

The suspects were taken to Mombasa’s Central police station awaiting arraignment in court on Thursday.

The chief said they had launched an operation to rid Kibokoni, an area widely known as inhabited with both drug barons and users, of the bad reputation.

“These suspects have been behind criminal activities in  Kibokoni, especially armed robbery but we managed to raid their hideout and arrest them,” Abdulrazak, said, adding that they had recovered also rolls of bhang from the suspects.

The ten were identified as Jamil Said Awadh, Zakariah Salimin, Ayub Abdul, Mohammed Said Hassan, Stephano Daniel Ngesa, Ali Salim Ali, Juma Waswa, Hamisi Juma Hamisi, Swaleh Omar Makhda and Abdallah Abdulrazak.