Police in Kisauni shoot dead suspected muggers.

Police in Kisauni shoot dead suspected muggers.

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Police in Kisauni district, Mombasa County on Tuesday shot and killed two youth they said had been behind a rise in violent crime within the area.

The two were killed at around 5:30am after police raided their hideout and challenged them to surrender, Kisauni area deputy police chief Walter Abondo, said.

“They defied and instead drew a toy pistol prompting officers to gun them down,” Abondo told Baraka FM.

Witnesses said police officers had visited the area several times before and warned that they would deal ruthlessly with youth who terrorised local residents through mugging, house break-ins and other petty criminal activities.

“They were hiding in a house that is under construction, and that is where police cornered them,” said a witness.

Residents had raised alarmed over increased crime where youth had become daring enough to attack and rob people in broad daylight, and in full view of the public.

Police took away bodies of the two suspects after the shooting.