Fishermen escape death after boat capsizes in Kilifi.

Fishermen escape death after boat capsizes in Kilifi.

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Four fishermen narrowly escaped drowning when their boat capsized in Kilifi after being overwhelmed by strong Indian Ocean waves.

The four were returning from fishing when powerful currents hit their boat and sank it, forcing them to swim for a long distance before they were rescued, a local diver told Baraka FM.

“We received a call and rushed to rescue them. They were all fine except that they had been exposed to the cold for too long and had to be rushed to hospital,” Caleb Otieno, head of the Coast Sea Survival in Kilifi, an organization whose divers rescued the four, said.

“Two had actually suffered hypothermia,” he added, referring to a condition where the body temperature falls below acceptable levels.

Kilifi area police chief asked local fishermen to be careful and consult local weatherman before venturing into the Ocean for fishing.