Man who sodomised 13 year old boy in Likoni still walks free,...

Man who sodomised 13 year old boy in Likoni still walks free, parent says frustrated by police.

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A man who allegedly sodomised a 13 year old class seven boy at Makao Mema estate in Likoni, is still enjoying freedom three days later, and efforts by the boy’s mother to have officers at the Likoni police station arrest the suspect have bore no fruits, Baraka FM can exclusively reveal.

Augustin Somo (not his real name) was sodomised on Sunday night by the over 30 year old neighbor after he went to seek refuge at the suspect’s house, to escape the wrath of his harsh father who wanted to discipline him for arriving home late from playing.

The mother, Ann Anyango, told Baraka FM that she went with the boy to the police station, but was told no action could be taken against the suspect until the boy recovered.

“They told me they could not arrest the suspect so I went back home. Later neighbours informed me the suspect was planning to escape, so I rushed to the police station again but they dismissed and send me away as well,” Anyango told Baraka FM, shedding tears as she watched her helpless boy lying on his belly on a mattress.

“He is not well at all. He is in pain. He can’t walk properly and he is also vomiting anything he eats,” she added, saying the boy had not improved even after being taken to hospital.

Somo said he had gone to visit a friend of his mother and left late, but was afraid to go back home for fear of his hot-tempered father, prompting him to seek refuge at the home of the neighbuor he knew, who would later turn against him.

“He started touching me all over. I was scared so I told him to take the only 20 shillings I had so that he left me. Later when I fell asleep, he grabbed me, shut my mouth and removed my clothes before he did that to me,” he narrated, writhing in pain at their house in Likoni.

The man would later release him at 4am saying that he was going to work for an early morning shift, Somo said.

The boy was discovered in the morning by a village elder, after an overnight fruitless search by his parents.

Likoni deputy OCS Frederick Juma denied that his officers had sent away the woman, saying he had infact asked that she be brought to him so that he picked up the case himself.

Baraka FM contacted Mombasa County police commander Robert Kitur who promised to follow up the matter and ensure the suspect was arrested and charged.